1. Connect

Our first and most important goal is to connect the Rugby League community. Stay in touch with your teammates. Find old friends. Send private messages and stay connected.

2. Network

Expand your circle. See who your friends know and how. Connect with other players, coaches and administrators around the globe.

3. Build Your Profile

Your profile is your Rugby League passport – the information in your profile links you to your clubs and teammates. It’s all part of building the network.

4. Find Opportunities

You don’t have to be looking for opportunities to be part of Rugby League Network, but there’s plenty to be found! Promote yourself, reach out to your network, post ads, respond to vacancies and more.

5. Recommend

One of the best things about Rugby League Network is that you can recommend others – and get recommended yourself. Recommendations from your peers are the ultimate praise.

6. Suggest

Rugby League Network is yours. We built it for you. Tell us how we can improve – we’ll make it happen.

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